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The 7 Chakras Framework will do wonders for your team

I know you already know the value of development, self-awareness, communication, mindset... and well,
I'll save you the reading because you know where I'm going with it.


In fact, it's probably what got you here.


I also know that if you had all the time in the world to teach your team all the tools, mindsets and knowledge that got you here, you would,

because you know the value of it. 


I understand that it is difficult and what a team needs may not always be obvious to you at first blush. 


Lucky for you, it is to me. 


So let me help you. 














Learning initiatives are critical to a more positive employee experience and should be your TOP priority for 2023.

The 7 Chakras of Leadership Workshop series was designed to do exactly this. Give your team the tools and mindsets necessary to not only be successful but to live happier, healthier lives. Not to mention work better with their teammates and show up as their best possible selves. This impacts the world around us and the work that we do in unimaginable ways. 


I've worked in Leadership Development and Team Building for 10 years now. I developed this workshop series based on the core areas that time and time again, I see come up as pain points for a team. These pain points impact a team’s overall success and how well they work together. 


The most exciting part?


By doing this for your team and increasing business results,

you are positively impacting each team member's quality of life.  


Beyond measure.


And guess what?

An employee who feels engaged and inspired is 

125% more productive than a satisfied employee.

- Bain & Company

Team #1.jpg

65% of leaders identified employee morale as the biggest challenge that they are currently facing.

- Kanzoo 2021 Workplace report

Team Members #1.jpg

58% of leaders listed maintaining company culture and connection as their biggest challenge.  

- Kanzoo 2021 Workplace report

7 Chakras of LEADERSHIP 

A team workshop series.

A set of 7 interactive workshops for your team to develop the self awareness, mindsets and communications strategies necessary to show up as their best selves and work better together.

1 foundation / root


| Self Awareness & Purpose

  • Learn to recognize your patterns, triggers, and habits. Then together, we will rewire them. 

  • Discover your WHY and imagined future.

  • Develop a set of guiding values.

6. Strategic thinking.png


| Growth & Creativity

  • Learn to develop a Growth Mindset.

  • Create built-in resilience.

  • Create space for creativity within your team and encourage it regularly.

5. Communication.png


| Courage & Accountability

  • Discover your unique leadership strengths.

  • Take ownership over your development, your own behavior, and build accountability.

4. Relationships.png


| Trust, Safety & Connection

  • Foster a psychologically safe and open space for your team. 

  • Develop the necessary tools to connect. This will create a proper sense of belonging.

3. Authenticity.png


| Listening & Effective Communication

  • Build active listening skills. 

  • Learn how to communicate your needs, boundaries and what is on your mind effectively

  • Develop the tools required to facilitate necessary difficult conversations.

2. Creativity.png

Strategic Thinking

| Root Causes & Future Thinking

  • Learn how and when to take a step back and dig deep to determine Root Causes. 

  • Establish methods for effective decision-making.

1. Foundation.png


| Leadership & Business

  • Learn to be mindful of the larger picture.

  • Learn how to take Aligned Action. 

  • Understand how your leadership can serve the world around you.

Image by Jehyun Sung

Katrina's commitment to you:

To bring your team on a journey of discovery and development that will increase team engagement, collaboration, productive communication and trust.



There has never been a better time to invest in the wellness of your team.


Let's get on a call to determine if the 7 Chakras of Leadership Framework is the best way to do that.


"Really enjoyed Katrina's facilitation! She did a terrific job throughout the sessions!! While she was facilitating the Alumni panel she did a wonderful job recapping / relating to what was said and ensuring people were asking questions."

Katrina brought both authority and a great energy to the room. Throughout the course, she was able to keep people engaged and also handle any detractors with poise, bringing them into the work constructively. - Neil Baptista, icon group

"Katrina was my favorite because she acknowledged each comment with thoughtfulness. I found Katrina as always to be very in touch with the associates, being able to read a room whilst also contributing worthwhile content."

- Workshop participants from a Fortune 50 Company
WhatsApp Image 2021-05-21 at 2.00.19 PM.

"Katrina's ability to lead and facilitate is immediately noticeable and felt in each project. She is a natural born leader that provides consistent support, accountability and overall firepower to the team."

Elnaz D.Giboulot,
Freelance Communications Manager

Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 9.08.25 AM.png

"Katrina has a deep understanding of people - what motivates them, how they think, and how they stay engaged and passionate about their work. Katrina has innate empathy and exceptional people skills which fuels her effective coaching strategy. Any individual or organization would greatly benefit from working with Katrina."

Kaeli Bauman,
Co-Founder @ FLIGHTFUD

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