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How Adam Silver Harnessed Conscious Leadership in the Face of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Conscious Leadership

In our previous case study we went over the concept of Conscious Leadership and how Glint was doing an excellent job of harnessing it. In the face of today's business realities, Conscious Leadership is key. Need a refresher on Conscious Leadership? Well, these are some of the things a Conscious Leader understands and embodies within their organization that make them so successful.

A Conscious Leader understands the importance of exactly how he or she shows up in the world. They understand the impact they have within their organization — whether that is with their bosses, senior level executives or their peers. Conscious Leaders are skilled in self-awareness and self-management, especially in regards to management of their emotions. An organization has many moving parts and business is constantly shifting. Conscious Leaders recognize this and are effective at navigating change, resolving conflict, and leading with courage during unprecedented times.

Adam Silver’s Conscious Leadership in the Face of the Pandemic

Consider Adam Silver, the commissioner of the National Basketball Association (NBA), who — way back on March 11 of last year — made an unexpected decision to suspend the professional basketball league for the season. Silver’s decision was one of the earliest high-profile responses to COVID-19.

This was a moment of tremendous ambiguity but Silver took action well before the government began to impose restrictions. This set off a chain reaction of events that altered the course of the response to the virus. Silver’s conscious decision helped over a million fans avoid potential exposure to the virus at games.

Silver’s decision had a powerful ripple effect: The suspension of the NCAA’s “March Madness” college tournament; the National Hockey League (NHL), Major League Baseball (MLB), and other sports leagues halting their own operations; and the rescheduling of the Boston Marathon.

Silver’s decision is a true reflection of leading consciously and having all core 7 energies balanced. He was able to connect to the larger vision, take aligned action, and lead in a way that served the world, rather than focusing on mere business factors.

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