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We assess the 7 domains of culture within 3 dimensions to develop a custom solution for your business.

The 3 Dimensions of Culture

3 circle framework (1).png

Leadership Potential governs the extent to which individuals and leaders demonstrate behaviors that foster and enable the 7 core energies.

We will provide: 

  • Personal & Leadership Development

  • Coaching

  • 360 Feedback

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Measures how well your team is set up for success.

We will work on developing:

  • Team rituals & norms

  • Behavior enablers

  • Encouragement & Reinforcement


Identifies how effectively the business structure, strategy, and purpose foster the 7 Core Energies.

We will work with you to align:

  • Business strategy

  • Purpose, Mission, Values

  • Processes & Procedures

88% of employees believe
a strong company culture is key to business success. 
- Kanzoo 2021 Workplace report

An employee who feels engaged and inspired is 
125% more productive than a satisfied employee.
- Bain & Company

7 Domains of a Healthy Culture and Team

A Strategic Framework to build a culture that serves you, your team, and the world.

We will work with you to assess the health of your team and culture, determine which of the 7 domains need the most work, and develop a customized solution.

Each of the 7 areas has core behaviors associated that can be learned, measured, and sustained.

7. Consciousness.png

Foundation |

Mission & Purpose

6. Strategic thinking.png

Mindsets |
Growth & Creativity

5. Communication.png

Authenticity | 
Courage & Accountability

4. Relationships.png

Relationships |

Trust, Safety & Connection

3. Authenticity.png

Communication |

Listening & Effective Communication

2. Creativity.png

Strategic Thinking |

Root Causes & Future Thinking

1. Foundation.png

Consciousness |
Leadership and Business

Standing Meeting

Our Commitment to You & Your Business

Team members and organizations face countless daily challenges. The 7 Chakras of Business seeks to meet those challenges by offering a unique methodology that not only guides you through these obstacles but gives you a framework and

blueprint for success.


 Through a focus on Leadership Development, Self Awareness, and Communication, we will help you cultivate a culture that is authentic to your business. While also creating sustainable ROI and lasting impact.


"Really enjoyed Katrina's facilitation! She did a terrific job throughout the sessions!! While she was facilitating the Alumni panel she did a wonderful job recapping / relating to what was said and ensuring people were asking questions."

Katrina facilitated and coached the whole team in a very patient and professional way, that had the right level of humour and seriousness where needed.  - Anna Funke, icon group

"Katrina was my favorite because she acknowledged each comment with thoughtfulness. I found Katrina as always to be very in touch with the associates, being able to read a room whilst also contributing worthwhile content."

- Workshop Participants, Fortune 50 Company
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