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7 Chakras of Business

We spend half of our lives at work.

Let’s make it worthwhile and


It’s time to redefine your idea of business and leadership.

Businesses are run by humans. And like humans, businesses have a consciousness — a system of energies, a living and breathing entity within. 


One so powerful, it has the ability to impact people, the world and humanity on a massive scale.

88% of employees believe
a strong company culture is key to business success. 
- Kanzoo 2021 Workplace report

How it works

We live in a world where companies and their employees face numerous challenges, daily. 


The 7 Chakras of Business provides a truly unique in its class methodology. One that does not just simply guide you through these challenges, but provides you with a framework that will allow you to create a thriving and profitable organization. An organization that at the same time looks after your people and feeds back into the world in a positive way.

Success is a reflection of a
conscious company culture. 

By unlocking and balancing these 7 central areas, you can develop a conscious business culture that not only makes a profit but also spreads joy and fulfillment to your employees.

The 7 Chakras Framework

The psychology behind a healthy and wealthy organization from the inside out.

The 7 Chakras of Business framework is, in essence, analogous to the Chakras that exist within the human body. The Chakras provide a level of cohesion and awareness between the physical and psychological elements of our being.  


This system is reflective of the organizational structure as well. Each Chakra represents a different layer of the organizational structure with key success factors such as Motivation, Productivity, and Communication being key priorities. 


Through unlocking and balancing these 7 Core Energy Channels, you will develop a Conscious Culture. One that is not only able to turn a profit but also leaves your employees feeling fulfilled. This will foster an organization that spreads joy internally and to the world at large. 

Using this framework we create better leaders, teams, and organizational cultures.

1 foundation.png

Foundation |
Mission, Vision & Values

2. creativity and mindsets.png

Mindsets | 
Growth & Creativity

3 authenticity.png

Authenticity | 
Courage & Accountability

4. Relationships.png

Relationships |
Trust, Safety & Connection

5. communication.png

Communication |
Listening & Effective Communication

6. ST.png

Strategic Thinking |
Root Causes & Systems Thinking

7 consciousness.png

Consciousness |
Leadership and Business

IMG_6445 3.JPG

Our Commitment to You & Your Business

Team members and organizations face countless daily challenges. 7 Chakras of Business seeks to meet those challenges by offering a unique methodology that not only guides you through these obstacles but gives you a framework and blueprint for success.


Through a focus on leadership development,

self-awareness, and communication, we will help you create a culture that is authentic to your business. While also developing sustainable ROI and lasting impact.

Learn how the 7 Chakra of Business Framework can Benefit...

Your Leadership Potential

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Your Team's Potential

Team Meeting

Your Business and Culture

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