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Skills and Behaviours That Will Be Beneficial in the New Normal

In our previous post, we began to dive into the recent study from The Adecco Group titled “Resetting Normal: Defining the New Era of Work”. The study aimed to get a sense of the priorities and thoughts of those in the workforce as we enter the next normal following the pandemic. Today we continue this work through a focus on the skills and behaviours that are most in-demand by workers and managers.

Essential Skills & Behaviours for Managers in the New Normal

There is a very real disconnect within the workforce and it’s up to leadership to bridge this divide. The report suggests that a focus on emotional intelligence, flexibility in the way people work and the cultivation of a Psychologically Safe workplace are essential tools in doing this.

Another core tool in helping to bridge this gap is implementing employee development programs. Training, upskilling and reskilling allow employees to better themselves, become even bigger assets to their team and remain competitive in the job market. There is definitely an appetite for these initiatives but also many instances of leaders not listening to these calls. “66% of workers believe they need to gain new skills to stay employable in the years ahead, but only 37% of non-managers feel their company is investing in their skills development”.

The following are eight skills/behaviours that those in the workforce should embody:

Culture & Engagement

  • A Leadership Style Focused on Empathy & a Supportive Attitude (Based on 73% of respondents)

  • Encouraging People to Feel Safe Sharing Their Honest Opinion and Ideas (Based on 73% of respondents)

  • Effective organization and coordination of team members across different locations (Based on 74% of respondents)

  • Promoting and Nurturing Strong Team Morale/Culture (Based on 74% of respondents)

  • Keeping up to date with new technology relevant to business and ways of working (Based on 74% of respondents)

  • Demonstrating a learning and growth mentality (Based on 73% of respondents)

Trust & Agency

  • Placing Trust in Staff to Get the Job Done (Based on 78% of respondents)

  • Supporting My Flexible/Remote Working Needs (Based on 76% of respondents)

Essential Skills & Behaviours for Work-Life Balance/Healthy Workplace Culture in the New Normal

There has been quite a bit of talk surrounding a return to normalcy. However, this begs the question, is a return to pre-pandemic normalcy even possible or realistic? The quick answer is no. What we have to think about is what comes next, we need to consider “The New Normal”.

In this “New Normal”, there are several asks that people within the workforce have, specifically in relation to work-life balance and culture.

Career & Security

  • A good salary and pay scheme (Based on 76% of respondents)

  • Feeling confident that my job is secure (Based on 73% of respondents)

  • Effective organization and coordination of team members across different locations (Based on 74% of respondents)

Culture & Engagement

  • A job with a clear sense of purpose (Based on 78% of respondents)

  • Maintaining a good relationship with my manager (Based on 76% of respondents)

  • Praise and recognition for good work (Based on 73% of respondents)

Trust & Agency

  • Feeling trusted to get the job done (Based on 73% of respondents)

  • Retaining/having flexibility over my working hours and schedule (Based on 74% of respondents)


  • Being able to maintain work-life balance (Based on 78% of respondents)

  • Having the right opportunities to maintain my health and fitness (Based on 73% of respondents)

How We Reset Normal

Over the course of these last two posts, we have been inquiring about this very question. Through the research conducted by The Adecco Group, we have a better understanding of what this means and what the consensus is among the workforce. This understanding will help propel the workforce forward as the nature of work changes.

The study came down to five elements that will define the new normal:

  1. Security

  2. Agency

  3. Culture

  4. Wellbeing

  5. Development

Read the Full Report!

The data discussed here should provide a broad sense of the findings that The Adecco Group discovered throughout their research. We do, however, encourage you to read the full report for yourself because the information shared here only scratches the surface of the research and data found within the thirty-six-page report.


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