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The Intent Behind the 7 Chakras of Business.

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

The 7 Chakras of Business is a methodology based on the teachings of the seven chakras that exist within the human body.

This idea is relatively new, at least in this space. Which is why I believe that it is important that we give you, the reader, a sense of where we coming from with this program.

The chakras are a system that is deeply rooted in many different cultures, religions, and lifestyles. Each of these groups carries certain associations, opinions, and ideas regarding the system's origin, and other various perspectives on what they believe the chakras to be. It is important that each of these groups know that their relationship with the chakras is being heard and respected within the program.

The chakras have origins that reach significantly further back than my introduction to the system. For instance the chakras have deep roots in ancient Hindu texts and Buddhism. Modern-day interpretations or "New Age" chakras utilize the system typically for the purposes of self-improvement, exercise, and health. Each has contributed to the chakras as we know them today in a major way. It is very important to acknowledge that and pay proper respect to each of them.

It's also important to stress that Katrina did not create the system but merely noticed that each of the chakras inspires effective strategies for navigating professional and personal life. An organization’s success is rooted in the same core principles the chakras promote and the energy centres that exist within the human body. Evaluating your business with this same mindset will set you on the path to success. This realization was my inspiration for utilizing the chakras for this program.

I have my own interpretation and relationship with the chakras. I am sure that you have one of your own as well. However, there is one core element and takeaway that I feel is present among all who observe the chakras. That is the intent of “Bringing healing to the world”. This program is my way of bringing healing to the world in the best way I know-how. I am doing so with a focus on organizations so that we can improve how leaders operate. This change is rooted in a mindset shift that puts emphasis on the human elements of an organization.

“There is one core element that I think is true among all who have and currently observe the chakras. That is the intent of bringing healing to the world”.

For further insight behind the chakras and their history, be sure to read our blog "The History of the Chakras".

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