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Glint: Creating a Conscious Culture Through Conscious Leadership

7 Chakras of Business is an organization comprised of individuals who are in a constant state of learning. We are inspired to do what we do based on the example and innovative work of other individuals and organizations in the space who we consider to be “doing it right”.

But how specifically do we measure this? What is our gauge for "getting it right"?

Our program is rooted in a three tiered system which acts as our guide for measuring potential. These three pillars are: Leadership Potential, Team Potential, and Organizational Potential.

When we recognize an individual or organization that exudes one or more of these three, we consider it our duty to signal boost them. Something that we have no qualms about doing with Glint who is attempting to create conscious culture through practicing conscious leadership.

Glint: Creating Conscious Culture Through Conscious Leadership

Glint is a People Success Platform that leverages real-time people data to help global organizations increase employee engagement, develop their people and improve business results. The work that Glint does and the ideal that it strives toward make it an excellent example of a conscious business.

The company has received no shortage of accolades and awards, which speaks to its industry authority. Glint ranked number one on Glassdoor’s 2018 Best Places to Work has been recognized by LinkedIn as the top startup for two straight years and can be found amongst other notable entries in the Forbes Cloud 100 for its exemplary market leadership, growth, prospects, and culture. Not to mention the impressive fact that Glint CEO, Jim Barnett, has earned himself a 100% approval rating.

Glint has done an excellent job of harnessing Leadership, Team and Organizational Potential. We think it's a worthwhile exercise to examine Glint and its work through these three lenses.

Leadership Potential

Much of Jim’s success as a leader can be attributed to his conscious leadership style. “The vision behind my Conscious Leadership style stems from wanting to bring awareness, authenticity and caring to my leadership role. This means I bring my whole, authentic self to work and try to lead from a place of trust, responsibility, curiosity, integrity and ease” says Barnett.

Jim has implemented elements of this conscious mindset into his personal life as well. He leads a conscious lifestyle by starting every morning with an hour of Vipassana meditation which he has done for over 28 years now.

Team Potential

Consciousness is deeply rooted in the foundation of Glint and Jim’s own mindset, so much so that it has seeped into team dynamics.

Ten minute guided meditations have become a ritual practice during team meetings. Glint claims that this practice has “helped the team gain a sense of clarity and connection which leads them into better execution.”

Organizational Potential

As consciousness circulates throughout all levels of leadership, the potential of employees naturally grows.

Jim asserts that Glint tends to attract purpose driven employees who recognize and believe in the higher vision of the business. This in turn leads to better overall results. He attributes this to Glint’s organizational mindset and it's clear alignment with the company’s mission, vision, and values.

A Wealthy and Healthy Organization

Due to Glint’s ongoing commitment to putting people first, they have created a working environment of inclusion, trust and belonging – leading them to become a wealthier and healthier organization.

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