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Lay the Foundation for Your Business Success!

The 7 Chakras of Business sees the importance in a strong foundation – which is why we have based the initial step in our program on it. This step in the program is based on the Root chakra from the chakra system within the human body. The chakras are a tried and true system that has stood the test of time. This is why within the 7 Chakras of Business we have leveraged the chakra system and customized it for the business world. For the first step of our program we created a business minded chakra which is analogous to the root chakra within the original system. We put the focus on foundational elements of a business in order to help you create a purpose led organization.

This step is called the Foundation Chakra which focuses on the following elements:

1. Mission

2. Vision

3. Values

4. Purpose

In order to harness the Foundation Chakra effectively you should focus on these foundational elements. However you may be wondering after you have focused on these foundational elements, how will you know that you have done this correctly? The following are some examples of what an organization with a balanced Foundation Chakra looks like as opposed to one whose Foundation Chakra is unbalanced.

Signs of a Balanced Foundation Chakra

✅ You have a solid sense of why you do what you do. Beyond the products or services that you offer you should have a strong layer of purpose at the foundation of your business. If this is not a question that you can answer confidently, you may need to focus on the Foundation Chakra further.

✅ You have a loyal customer base. Strong foundational values and a sense of why should lead to this. This will not be caused by product or services – but a belief in what your brand stands for.

✅ You walk the walk. It is one thing to draft foundational values, it is another to live them. You need to put these foundational values into action and show your customers that you stand by them. If this is something you do, this is a sign of a balanced Foundation Chakra.

Signs of an Unbalanced Foundation Chakra

❎ You rely on industry trends, even when they are are contradictory to your foundational values. It is important to be purpose led, to act based on your pre established values as opposed to trends which come and go. The latter may grant you short term success but they are not a recipe for success in the long term.

❎ You play the blame game. A hallmark of organizations who lack a strong foundation is to blame team members or create scapegoats rather than addressing the root of the problem. If an organization resorts to these tactics this is an example of an unbalanced Foundation Chakra.

❎ You are over reliant on market manipulations. Things such as promotions, rebates, and scare tactics may be effective in the short term but they will not have a lasting impact. An organization who relies on these elements too heavily may have an unbalanced Foundation Chakra.

Tips to Harness the Foundation Chakra

A balanced Foundation Chakra will do wonders for the potential of your business. We have discussed why the Foundation Chakra is important and what a well harnessed one looks like. Below we have provided four tips that should put you on your way to harnessing the Foundation Chakra within your business.

1️⃣ Start with WHY

Understanding and being able to communicate why you do what you do is essential to harnessing the Foundation Chakra. This will allow you to draft foundational values that are aligned with your business and effectively navigate any storms that may come your way.

2️⃣ Develop Your Imagined Future

Think of this as your North Star. This is something that is meant to be very far off into the future. This is an ideal to strive towards that may not ultimately come to fruition. This will drive you, your team members and the entire organization to always seek to reach new heights.

3️⃣ Learn to Recognize Triggers & Habits

As a leader, being able to recognize your own behaviours, habits and triggers is a key component of successful leadership and organization with strong foundational values.

4️⃣ Decide what it is you want to accomplish this year

If your Imagined Future is your ideal, your North Star, think of this step as a way for you to develop more immediate goals for you and your business. These goals should be based on things that you can see reflected in the next twelve months.

We strongly encourage you to follow these tips as they will pay dividends for your business.

Stay tuned this week for my content on the Foundation Chakra.

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